“Please note that the category will not be visible on the front-end until you create a at least one FAQ in the category. To show the category on the front-end store you must add one FAQ in the category.”

How to create a category?

In the Application, Select the “Category” Menu. Then select “Add Category” Button. Now a popup will appear, Please fill the category name and select the Category Icon. Note: If you want to hide Category field on the frontend store, then select “Hide” category title button value. Skip if you want the category field to appear on the frontend store. Please refer to the following GIF.


How to create a FAQ?

Click on the “FAQ’s” menu. Select “Add FAQ” button. Now a popup will appear on the screen. In the popup box. Select the Category name, which refers to the FAQs. Enter the all FAQs content. With the help of the editor, you can easily create and customize Answer text. See below screenshot.

How to add category and FAQ on the Shopify page?

Go to the “App settings” menu. Click on the “Click to Copy Short Code” button under the “Page layout Design”. Shortcode will be copied in the clipboard. Now, paste the page shortcode in the Shopify page. Just go to the “online store” -> “pages” of the Shopify menu. Select the page on which you want to show the FAQs. You have to paste the shortcode in the page’s HTML editor. Please refer to the screenshot. See below screenshot.


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